Our Story

LEO The Label begins as a 100% female-run operation in 2021, founded by Sashini Jinasena in the sunny shores of Sri Lanka.

“LEO was born out of the intention to create and develop a label for our customers, who just like myself, appreciates style but not at the expense of their local community and the environment. More specifically, I had a deep desire to develop a label that utilises the skills of local artisans in a non-exploitative manner, moving away from the traditional fast-fashion production that dominates Sri Lankan factories today, and instead, steer towards a more thoughtful and conscious system of production.

LEO is quite literally my baby – each piece in each collection is one that I would personally wear & treasure myself. I am heavily involved in every part of the process – from coming up with the concept for each collection, designing the pieces, selecting fabrics, trying on samples, planning shoots, packing orders – you name it! I’ll be doing it all. This is truly my passion, and I’m so grateful to see it come to life thanks to all those who have supported us on this journey so far.”

Behind every LEO piece is months of conscientious, diligent work. We take our time, and handcraft each piece with love to provide you with staples that we hope will hold a special (and long-term) place in your wardrobe. The brand in itself is intended to embody the notions of mindfulness, gratitude and empowerment; which are all concepts that have personally empowered us throughout our lives.

Accordingly, our collections are named after words that symbolise positivity and strength, while each piece is named after ancient goddesses, inspiring women & celestial bodies; just to remind each and every one of you of the universal goddesses that you are!
We hope you love our pieces just as much as we do, and we’re so happy to have you be a part of the LEO family xx

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